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Modern Methods Produces High PPM Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver

While most companies aim to go big, with massive "Large Surface Areas," we turned that concept on its head and decided to go micro. GoldenGevity is the first company in the entire planet to have produced High PPM Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver Water and other noble metals, even some of the most difficult and hard to work with elements!  

An atomic particle is even smaller than a nanoparticle. When we say small,
we mean really small! So, small that the solution looks and feels just like water, but don't be fooled, it's not just water! It is Trace Mineral  Silver Water !

To understand Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver, the reader will need to set aside any preconceived assumptions when comparing Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver to the nanoparticle products.

The standards of production, as well as the protocols that are set for nanoparticle colloids, do not apply to Atomic Particle colloidal products (at least, not ours) which do not conform to the same tests and procedures, that govern nanoparticle colloids in fact, ours meets and exceed their standards because:

  • The particle size of 0.1 nm, the smallest particle size achievable
  • The ICP test proves Atomic Particles are Trace Minerals
  • High PPM concentrations that are attached to water molecule "clusters"
  • Products that are made with a 100% chemical (catalyst) free process!

That's right! No chemicals, phosphates, bromides or even "herbal catalysts" that can cause toxicity or other side effects that are reported to happen with nanoparticle colloidal products, such chemicals are never used or added in our production process.

*The answer to resistant mutating "free radicals" may be Atomic Particles 

According to the Rice Universities 2012 report:

Nanoparticles do nothing to stop pathogens since they cannot penetrate because of their Large Surface area, but instead, it is much smaller particles that do the work, in fact, they confirmed that the Electrolysis Process also make Ions as well and it is the IONS, not the nanoparticles that have the killing effect in all nanoparticle silver solutions.

Professionals agree that the smaller the silver particle, the better it can penetrate a virus, bacteria, parasite, or free radical.


The Particle size is EVERYTHING when it comes down to "the Penetration Factor."

5 nm silver particle
To the left, is an image of a 5 nm Silver Particle taken by the Stanford University. The Image shows in detail, individial atoms inside the nanoparticle and each atom is 0.1 nm in sizeThis nanoparticle is one Solid Metal particle. Since it is semi-circular in diameter it may contain 50,000 atoms or more.

What would happen if somehow a process was developed to break down the individual atoms into Single Atoms

It should revolutionize the Dietary Supplement Industry,  material sciences industry and even the pharmaceutical industry!

Now imagine that same particle size, except this time it is not a solid piece of metal but a Water Molecule that contains tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of individual silver atomic particles.

That is what we offer! Trace Mineral Silver Saturated Water Molecule Clusters!

Why OUR High PPM Colloidal Silver Outperforms All Others

Think of the Water Molecule Clusters as the carrier vehicles of individual Silver Atoms, much like a Cluster Bomb.

The body assimilates water the easiest when taken on on an empty stomach.

Upon assimilation, in the bloodstream, there will be a "Time Release" effect because the digestive enzymes will start to work on the water molecules to get the beneficial nutrients and cause the individual atoms to separate from the water molecules.

They then and become free agents attacking Free Radicals at the core of their inner structure with a Cluster Bomb type of effect.

Think of A Silver Saturated Water Molecule Cluster its like a Cluster Bomb
Example of How Atomic Particles may penetrate "Free Radicals"
Atomic Sized particles are without a doubt the best size for penetrating at a Cellular and Sub-Cellular level since they are trillions of times smaller than any cell in your body. High PPM concentrations of Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver have a machine gun-like effect, which seemingly fires atomic particles at "free radicals".

​When taken on on an empty stomach, Atomic Silver's chemical nature is that once inside the body it travels to the small intestine where it is assimilated into the bloodstream within 5 minutes.  Colloidal silver does not react with any substance in the body except that it helps the immune system build tolerance against the "Free Radicals".

The More  PPM The Better The Results 

There are a few companies out there that "Claim" to have 5,000 to 10,000 PPM Colloidal Silver , but when you buy a TDS Meter and test their products the TDS meter results to about 250 PPM or less, quite different than what they advertise.

Usually, they will claim to have their multimillion-dollar equipment and show "their" photos, "their" graphs, with their well-presented explanations. They fail to tell you: ​

The electrolysis process they use to make their product does not make consistent particles sizes, and in the images, they produce, you can see tiny to very large nanoparticles maybe 2 nm up to 200 nm. They also fail to tell you what
chemicals they use in the process because if a solution has a color or even cloudiness to it, there is a 99.9% chance it has chemicals.

The nanoparticles can't stay suspended in a solution because they are too heavy, chemicals are almost always used to help the nanoparticles remain suspended in the solution.

Our PPM can be verified with a TDS Meter. 

When a TDS meter is used to measure the PPM on our Products, each PPM Read is one Water Molecule Cluster, but each cluster may contain tens of thousands of atoms (trace minerals) or more of tiny silver atoms!

For Example: 

Each Water Molecule Cluster will have approximately 10,000 Atoms (Micro Bullets) and when you multiply 10,000 atoms X the 4000 Water Molecule Clusters you have approximately 40,000,000 Atomic particles!

Low PPM Producers that feel threatened by the loss of market share will try to persuade you not to try these excellent life-changing products and "try to tell you" that the products are toxic because of this, but again, they are equating atomic particles as if they were nanoparticles and they are not.

Our products are much more effective and safer than theirs even at the highest PPM, here is why:

12,000 PPM being Verified by TDS meter
The TDS Meter detects total particles or total dissolved solids in parts per million of water (or any other solution). 

In our case it does not detect Atomic Particles, atoms are too small to be identified. So it must be detecting Silver Saturated Water Molecule Clusters. 

TDS Meter detects 1,000 to 12,000 PPM as stated on the front of our labels (plus or minus 5%), but it takes an EPA  ICP test to confirm the total weight of the element in mcg. 

Mcg - PPM were compared as being one and the same; however, this is one of those rules that applies to nanoparticles that do not apply to our products. 

While the TDS Meter measures a very High PPM of our products, the total weight in mcg is less, making the products much safer since we are not dealing with dangerous nanoparticles, but smaller easy to assimilate trace minerals. 

  • Our particle size ensures maximum bioavailability, which means they may seamlessly slide right through and into any cellular structure of any almost any free radical. 

  • Trace Minerals are no longer "Metallic" when they are reduced to the Atomic Particle Size, but instead, they are in a "Crystal Mineral" form. That feature alone assists them in being easy to assimilate, and easy to expel since there are NO longer Heavy Metals and much too small to permanently stay in the body.

  • Stomach Acids do not react with Minerals and therefore cannot create other toxic compounds in your stomach, not so for nanoparticle products, they are very metallic and when mixed with the stomach acid will create other harsh compounds.

  • Atomic Particles May Not Get Stuck in Kidneys, Liver or JointsNot only do Atomic Particles deliver incredible metabolic stimulating effects, but our colloidal silver and other products may never get stuck in the kidneys or liver as do nanoparticles. While Silver Nanoparticle Sellers will deny this (of course), the Mayo Clinic has reported that Nanoparticle Silver gets stuck in the kidneys, liver, and other organs. This article found on the NIH (National Institute of Health) proves that nanoparticles can get stuck in the Human Organs.

      Many health care professionals have expressed that it may take years for anyone to notice the side effects of stuck              nanoparticles, and when they do, it usually starts as Urinary Tract Infections and may also be a precursor to Arthritis,          since they believe that nanoparticles also get stuck in the joints.

     This effect may cause the immune system to either attack the joints to get the nanoparticles out or to reinforce the             Macrophages and cause a constant build-up of the Macrophages on the nanoparticles to protect the rest of the body,         which may explain why some people with Arthritis have overgrown joints. 

  • The human body replaces over 30 Billion human cells every day. if the silver atomic particle elements penetrate into a human cell, the silver would eventually get excreted along with the 30 Billion other dead cells that are no longer useful to the human body. It may be virtually impossible to get any toxic side effects from atomic size particles, but that cannot be said of Nanoparticle Products, they do have toxic effects.

  • Toxicity has never been associated with atomic particle colloidal products,  however, that cannot be said of Low PPM nanoparticle producers all of the allegations against colloidal silver have been against the nanoparticle colloidal industry because of their heavy metals (nanoparticles are metallic) and chemical production methods.

Atomic Particle Conversion to mcg:

Atoms are too small to be seen by the naked eye; in fact, they are so small that they do not reflect light.
Which explains why our colloidal solutions are clear as water, and having no additional chemicals makes our colloidal silver colorless and much safer to consume.  than other
Low-Quality  products that visually have cloudiness or some kind of color.

Our products do not react to acids, others have tried to test our products using that standard of chemical analysis and concluded that the products were just water, based on a test that only applies to Nanoparticle and Ionic products.

GoldenGevity always strives for perfection! We have even outdone ourselves!

Check out this new certificate of analysis from an EPA Registered laboratory. The test performed was the EPA Test which uses an ICP-AES spectrometer (Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy) this device takes the test on the atomic scale and is made for Trace Mineral Detection.

Here are the results: 

Certificate of Analysis EPA 200.7 Test
The EPA Test is for Mineral Analysis - This Certificate Proves we have SILVER Minerals! 
Many Low-Quality Low PPM producers will try to convince you that "a TDS meter only measures conductivity." Yet, many laboratories use them as well as colloidal silver manufacturers.

Most TDS meters usually have 3 Settings Ph, EC (conductivity), and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

Depending on which setting you use, you will get that reading whether it be "Conductivity" "PPM" or "PH."

It would not be cost-effective to pay $300 to $700 to do an ICP test every time you made a few bottles of Colloidal Silver.

All the nanoparticle producers will tell you (if they are honest) that they too test their solutions with a TDS Meter after making a batch of colloidal silver, and once a year the will get it tested via ICP method to confirm the Label Readings for the FDA.


Why GoldenGevity Products are the Safest to Use


The stomach's job is to break down food into atomic size particles so that the body can utilize their nutritional value. But if the particles are already microscopic size, they get absorbed within 5 minutes and into the bloodstream.

Our particle size is best for bioavailability; the body quickly absorbs the tiny atoms because they do not need to be broken down by the stomach acids, nor are they.

Chemical/Catalyst Free Production

If you have ever read the back of the label of most medicines, they have a "Side Effects" section, that lists many chemicals as the reasons for the Side Effects.

According to th
e FDA 1998 report on Colloidal Silver, Nanoparticle and Ionic silver sellers also employ many of those chemicals. Some of those chemicals cause hair loss, prematurely gray hair, and or even worse BLUE Skin aka Argyria.

The "Large Surface Area" (that they say they have) means that they have "Large Nanoparticles." They are the reason for the clogging of the Kidneys and Liver which the Mayo Clinic has warned the public about. 

Six Well Explained Reasons why you should consider these Stellar Products:
  1. High PPM (Verifiable with a TDS Meter)
  2. High PPM but SAFE mcg 
  3. Particle Size (Atomic) Trace Minerals
  4. Chemical Catalyst Free Production!
  5. Easy assimilation by the body
  6. Easy to expel from the body
  7. Much Faster Results compared to the other guys

In 2017, The State of California became the first and only state to enforce Federal Guidelines for Dietary Supplements called CFR Title 21 Part 11. 
*The FDA hardly ever acts on companies that are not registered with them until there is a health problem. However, the State of California will not issue a business license unless the company complies with the FDA's CFR Title 21 Part 11 rules. 

*The State of California sends inspectors to verify that all California companies fulfill the FDA mandates. Those companies must test their products for safety, and confirm that the contents in their products are what they say they are. They must also substantiate that the stated items on the labels are validated and confirmed by fully Licensed FDA Registered Laboratories.
There are many companies that are NOT registered with the FDA and operating completely unlawfully.

Such companies may also be using substandard materials and even water to make their products.  

Water can be a major source of cross contamination since even "purified" water contains fluoride and other trace elements that can make toxic chemicals in the electrolysis process as well as in the digestion process.

Why risk getting long term health damage from inferior "cheap" Low PPM Colloids?




Another Study confirms that Atomic Size Colloidal Silver Particles are better than nanoparticles:

"Few Atom Silver Clusters Display Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Activity"
Danielle Schultz
Nancy Lin​

Article Info:
Publication History

Effective Immune System Support starts with a
High PPM of 100% Natural Atomic Particle Antiviral Elements.

Doctors say You've tried the rest, now try the best

You've tried the rest, now try the BEST!

*No chemicals are ever used in our production process, which means that there are no toxic residues present that are usually caused by chemicals.

Clear Colloidal Silver means the finest, tiniest particle size and indisputably the best size for penetration into the intended targets:

NO Chemicals Used or Added!

Not made with Cyanides
Not made with Nitrates
Not made with Fluorides
Not made with Chlorides (salts)
Not made with Toluene
Not made with Nitric Acid
Not made with Hydrochloric Acid
Not made with Hydrogen Peroxides
Not made with Mercury Compounds
Not made with Bromides or Phosphates (AKA Proteins)
Not made with Chloroform (Embalming Fluid ) some companies with patents use this chemical.

Only Pure Silver Minerals and Distilled Water.