Colloidal Silver Products and Antioxidants Lab Test Prove Content & PPM

Standford University Silver Atom Images

Stanford Universities Image of a 2 nm Silver Particle exposing the Silver Atoms
​The images are Stanford University Proof of High PPM of Atomic Silver Particles inside of nanoparticles; they can be hundreds of thousands of atoms(depending on the size of the nanoparticle).

Our proprietary process breaks down the metal particles into single Atoms that are then attached to Water Molecule Clusters (WMC's). Each cluster is considered to be ONE PPM and verifiable with a TDS Meter.
Atomic particles of metals are extremely small (far smaller than the wavelengths of visible light), they’re much too small to reflect light in a silver solution and cannot be seen with optical microscopes, to the best of our knowledge there are no instruments that can detect atomic particles in distilled water, they have to be made into larger particles that can be measured.

To accomplish this assignment, a destructive test has to be performed in which the solution will no longer be the same as it was before the test was applied.  The use of an ICP AES (Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy) was employed to do this test; it emits a plasma flame into the solution so as to fuse the atomic particles (trace minerals) into larger nanoparticles. ​​

This process then enables the nanoparticles to be measured and the total weight in "mcg" can then be calculated.

Atomic Particles are measured in Angstroms and the silver atomic particle is smaller than an Angstrom, An Angstrom would slightly larger 0.1 nm, that would be about one dot from the Stanford Universities Images shown above. 


Colloidal Silver Lab Tests EPA 200.7  As it Applies to Atomic Particles Explanation:

High PPM Colloidal Silver Mineral Test Results
TDS Meter readings do not confirm the total silver content in weight, they just count the floating Particles or Water Molecule Clusters that may have particulates that would then make them detectable in a solution, otherwise, the TDS meter could not detect them. 

The EPA 200.7 Test detects Minerals in Water and reports the total weight of the said element.

The metals described the certificate with the High PPM were not only detected, but also converted into nanoparticles and report the total weight in liters.

• If we say, it has gold, It HAS GOLD!
• If we say it has Silver, IT HAS SILVER!
• If we say, NO Chemicals are used or added that Means NO Chemicals are Used or Added!

This Chemical-free process greatly reduces the risks of side effects that have been associated with dangerous nanoparticle and Ionic silver products. 

Producers of Ionic and Nanoparticle solutions do not have the equipment, experience, or scientific know-how to make atomic-sized particles. 

This makes them feel uneasy, as they can't explain the reason why our products are miles apart in particle size, high PPM concentrations (with no color change, since ALL other High PPM Concentrations have horrific looking colors) and of course effectiveness, since our products DO what theirs CANNOT DO. 

They attempt to discredit our products by saying:  "If we can't do it, nobody can." 

The Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver Electrolysis process is a simple century old and highly plagiarized process; basically, any kid can do it out of their garage at home, all these producers have done is copy and "tweak" the process, incorporate scientific jargon and made a highly "copied process" their own.

We were the first to expose their misinformation about their erroneous claims of particle size when we made everyone in the industry aware of the
Rice University Report that unimpeachably confirms that nanoparticles are useless against pathogens!

Some producers of Low PPM products have been in denial for decades; they thought that the nanoparticles solutions they produced were only nanoparticle products until they read the  Rice University Report  that also found ionic particles in their colloid solutions, and the Ions, not the nanoparticles, are the reason for their vague success stories.

Many since then, have changed their "mantra" based on that report, and now many admit that they "too" have ionic particles to some degree, after decades of bashing Ionic Silver producers.  

Ionic Particles are not without issues of their own.

Ionic particles are unstable and can only be made via a chemical process (chemicals which have Long Term Severe side effects)  and form large Ionic Molecules because of they're magnetic like properties since Positive and Negative Ions that attract to each other and make super large particles, which may also have a hard time penetrating the "Free Radicals."  
The Rice Universities Report Concludes 

"...Rice researchers settle a long-standing controversy on the mechanism by which silver nanoparticles kill bacteria – and they find that using too little can help bacteria build immunity..."

which confirms why High PPM of Atomic Particles of Colloidal Silver is the BEST CHOICE especially since atomic particles are smaller than IONS. 
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