“I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire"  Rev. 3:18

Gold and other elements are not just metals to be worn as jewelry. Gold has many virtues that have been overlooked until now.

Gold has been a key element in many Alchemical writings in which it is used to make the
Elixir of Life .

The Alchemists of Alexandria made the
Elixir of life from gold  and said to enliven, rejuvenate, the body, increase life spans, sharpen intuition, increased connection to the Devine, today many experience the benefits of an increased I.Q.!

​​Gold is reported to be beneficial for improving slow organs, especially the brain and digestive system and has been used to help the bodies metabolic system deal with glandular and nervous congestion and lack of coordination.

It has been contended that colloidal gold increases mental alertness, mental acuteness and the ability to concentrate and focus keenly, accurately and the ability to absorb information that is often looked over.

The body's temperature system is restored to balance, particularly in cases of chills, hot flashes, and night sweats and has an adjusting effect on the body, mind, and spirit. It is used to improve mental attitude and emotional states.

It may allow the body to operate close to perfection and is an excellent electrical conductor. There are many reports and commentaries, which state that it increases the ability of each cell to conduct better electrical impulses. There are research articles that indicate that it has been used to treat many ailments, but cannot be mentioned here.
Alchemist Making Gold Elixir
It has also been used by Alchemists to make the legendary Philosophers Stone and the Elixer of Life also known as Elixir of Immortality. One of the key ingredients in making the Philosophers Stone is Gold. The Philosopher's Stone is used to transmute base metals into gold, all with the idea that the alchemist himself was transforming his person, into a perfect person, Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Astonishing many of their writing give 100% credit and acknowledgment to God the Creator of the universe and everything that’s in it, and so do we. Furthermore, it is fascinating, how the Bible describes Gods throne room and heaven having Gold everywhere, to the points where even the streets are described as being made of transparent Gold which Alchemists can make.


Monatomic Gold a Regenerator and Super Food Of The Ancients

Monatomic Gold or other elements (including Platinum, Iridium, Rhodium, and Ruthenium), when made into a powder form, often looks like baking flour. Most of the time it has a white powder appearance, but can have a pale lavender, light green, reddish orange or another tint of color due to variations in the production process.

For thousands of years,
Monatomic Gold has been manufactured by those with sharp insights and alchemical training. These alchemists were the first Chemical Engineers and Designers. Since they were primarily employed by the Pharaohs, Emperors and Kings, if they didn't produce tangible results, their life was forfeited. With their survival at stake, they made sure they were successful. So special techniques were developed to produce a substance that embodied the Vital Essence of the Sun itself. 

This was the fabled White Powder of Gold which was alchemically related to the Philosopher's Stone. White Powder of Gold was a
Monatomic form of gold that had no metallic content. Gold in the Monatomic form as a powder had some very unusual properties. Ancient alchemists told the Pharaohs that their White Powder of Gold would Rejuvenate ones' body, Restore their Vitality, make them Young again and Prolong their Lives. They were sworn to secrecy (because it worked) and the public was not considered worthy enough to be told about this. Anyone caught revealing these secrets were executed.

Ormus, WPG, White Powder Gold
Egyptian Ark Smilar to the Ark of the Covenant
As far as historical proof of anyone ever finding or making a powdered form of gold, there are several old records and manuscripts that discuss this subject in detail. Archeologists have uncovered numerous ancient tombs of Kings and Pharaohs where containers filled with the White Powder of Gold were found. These containers of powder were as valued as the gold and gemstones they were stored next to.  

The equipment to make
Monatomic Gold in a colloidal solution didn't even exist 40 years ago. Or Did it? Nature has its way sometimes of providing the equipment.

According to Laurence Gardner Author of " The Lost Secrets of The Sacred Ark" there is a cave entrance at Mount Horeb where an "Egyptian Ark" was discovered, and in the room, there was white powder everywhere. It was concluded that the ark is so powerful that it generates an extremely high voltage that can turn pure gold into a white powder.

If that is the case, aside from our
Pure Monatomic Colloidal Gold, that may be the best type of White Powder Gold to obtain. However, most producers use corrosive chemicals such as Caustic Soda, Hydrochloric acids, or gold chlorides and may, in fact, be producing Hydroxide Particles that have nanoparticle of gold attached to the hydroxides, along with chemicals come unwanted side effects.

Our company is a world leader in refining the processes and techniques to make the finest quality
Monatomic Gold in a colloidal solution to be found anywhere. By using proprietary technology, we've suspended Monatomic Gold Atoms attached to water molecule Clusters in a distilled water solution which is 100% Chemical Free, Made without any chemicals from start to finish, in fact, we can turn our high PPM solutions into White Powder Gold as well!


Monatomic Gold a Regenerator and Super Food Of The Ancients

​​We absolutely know we have single atom Monatomic Particles in our Colloidal Solutions.

It's a bold statement to make, but we back it up with our evidence.

It's rare to find a company like ours offering 
Pure Colloidal Gold , Silver, Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium, Ruthenium and several other metallic elements in a Monatomic High Spin State. A great deal of care and effort is expended to ensure that every bottle we produce has exceptional purity and quality of monatomic elements in distilled water.

Recently, we conducted some more quality control tests. In one test, we found it to be quite challenging to convert monatomic gold back into its original state of metallic gold. Special circumstances were required for the transformation to occur. We put our
Monatomic Colloidal Gold with an 18000 PPM concentration into a container and exposed it to extremely high voltages. Simultaneously, a magnetic stirrer was spinning continuously in the container.

Monatomic Gold Proof
At the conclusion of the test, we saw metallic gold particles attached to the Teflon surface of the magnetic stirrer. Millions of monatomic gold particles aggregated together into polyatomic clusters which continued to grow in size even as they became visible. 

You may find your curiosity aroused at this point and begin to wonder, how can that possibly work? As far as you know gold is not magnetic, so why would it ever stick to a magnetic stirrer? Good question.

Normally, gold is not magnetic and doesn't respond to a magnetic field. However, under certain conditions, a "paramagnetic moment" can be established with gold and other elements. Once this occurs (like it did in our tests), gold then becomes temporarily magnetic and does respond to a magnetic field. 

Occasionally, such paramagnetic influences continue to linger long after the removal of the magnetic field. Monatomic elements have several interesting properties attributed to them. In contrast to an element that's in a conventional form, monatomic elements are much more susceptible to paramagnetic influences in their high spin state. In other words, magnetic fields can easily influence monatomic elements under the right conditions. 

Magnetized Gold

Avoiding Chemically Laced Monatomc Colloidal Gold Products

At GoldenGevity, we believe that LONG TERM DAMAGE can occur with the prolonged use of chemicals.

Think of this:

You are constantly saturated with chemicals that are in our entire food supply, then add to that equation the pharmaceutical drugs that are also laced with chemicals, each chemical has its own set of side effects, such as hair loss and a host of other dangers.

Why take more?

Producers of low PPM colloidal silver products have to use chemicals or some kind of a catalyst to get their nanoparticles to stay suspended in the solution. Consequently, the chemicals they use gets absorbed into the body first.

When the body tries to assimilate their nanoparticles, it cannot efficiently absorb them because the particles are too large as well as heavy and have a tendency to sink to the bottom of the stomach, where a prolonged continuous chemical process takes place as the hydrochloric stomach acids try to dissolve the silver nanoparticles and further creating silver compounds in the stomach.

Also, after an extended stay in the stomach, the larger particles usually excreted from the body. Upon excretion, the nanoparticles can get trapped and build up in the kidneys along with other mineral deposits. Such deposits may develop over time into kidney stones and could even cause kidney failure. A person can avoid all of these serious side effects by only ingesting chemical-free atomic particle size colloidal solutions.

Many producers of low PPM colloidal gold solutions remain in constant denial.

Some producers use natural Herbal Catalyst Extracts to help create the spark in the solution so that the nanoparticles can be created. Herbal Compounds no matter how natural they may be, contain salts and other minerals that also create
chemical compounds in the colloidal solution after the electrolysis process is over, which explains why they state "we do not use chemicals" but in the end, they wind up with chemicals.

What a pleasant looking color!

This ruby, pinkish-red

Don't let yourself 
be misled so easily.  

Some Colloidal Gold producers claim a color like or similar to this is due to the gold content. Toxic chemicals used to disintegrate gold into nanoparticles produce large visible particles as well as different hues that range from light pink to deep purple colors as you see in this container.

These chemicals are far cheaper, quicker and easier to use than making Monatomic Colloidal Gold without the use of "catalysts."

Colloidal Gold Generator
Chemically Made Ormus
Many producers of Ormus aka White Powder Gold or Monatomic Gold extract the white semen looking powder or liquid Ormus from Sea Salt using chemicals such as Lye and other Corrosive Acids, and even Hydrogen Peroxide.

The problem with the process is that such products have a 90% hydroxides as well as Plastic Contaminants that have polluted our oceans over the last 50 years.

A new study shows that 90% of our Sea Salts ARE contaminated with Micro Plastics!​

National Geographic Micro Plastics 

If you want the Most Pure Monatomic Colloidal Gold, we are the only company in the world that makes it without Chemicals, and without Sea Salt, we only use Gold and Pure Distilled Water!

Many chemicals, such as Gold Chlorides kill human cells on contact!

Oftentimes, many seekers of Ormus, White Powder Gold, Colloidal Gold, and or Monatomic Gold are looking for the Spiritual Side Effects, and may temporarily experience what we call "Spiritual Whirlies."

The reason for those "Whirlies" is that the chemicals may be killing Brain Cells! Yes, there are some producers that use Salt to make their colloidal gold.

Do not base your decision on the "Whirlie Factor." you may or may not experience the "Whirly Factor" with our products, but since we do not use chemicals, most likely you will not.
The quality, potency, and purity of Colloidal Gold vary considerably from website to website. Our Colloidal Gold is the purest and most potent to be found anywhere. But don't just take our word for it. Try some yourself and see firsthand what you experience. We'd love to hear from you about the results you noticed from using our Colloidal Gold. 

Callers often ask us what is Monatomic Gold (or as some refer to it, "Ormus") and is it the same as Colloidal Gold? The answer can be...if the Colloidal Gold is Monatomic like ours is. Other companies producing Colloidal Gold are NOT MONATOMIC as their particle sizes are much larger and therefore much less efficient and do not have the Paramagnetic Attributes than the Monatomic Colloidal Gold we produce.

A definition of
Monatomic Gold offered by Barry Carter and other Ormus material researchers is that Monatomic Gold is an Orbitally Rearranged or M-state Element that can be made into a powdered substance or a water-based solution.  

Monatomic Gold has several unique properties and exists in a non-metallic state. It is completely non-toxic and is a zero-valence form of gold. Monatomic Gold exhibits superconductor properties at room temperature ranges. It can be manufactured alchemically and by modern technical wizardry out of 24-carat metallic gold. 

Monatomic Gold has been found to occur naturally in volcanic soils, deposits near veins of gold in certain deep gold mines, seawater and in minute amounts in purple or violet skins of fruits and vegetables.  Fruits and vegetables like red grapes, eggplants, purple broccoli, purple potatoes, violet flowers and some types of medicinal herbs also contain this form of gold.

                    Remember, Not all Colloidal Gold solutions are not made equal - Only ours is truly Monatomic in nature.  ​​​

The Benefits of High PPM Monatomic Colloidal Gold ​

  • It may aid in reversing the aging process by repairing defective DNA throughout the ​body. It may assist in extending the lifespan of the DNA molecule thereby conferring a longer lifespan to the entire body.

  • It purportedly assists in regenerating damaged cells and some kinds of energetic dysfunctions.

  • Some claims state that Colloidal Gold promotes a more efficient functioning of the Glandular System. Supposedly, the endocrine, thymus, pineal and pituitary glands are enhanced to function closer to their "peak efficiency capabilities."

  • Photonic transmissions throughout the nerves are supposedly intensified and permanently increased from ingesting Colloidal Gold over a period of time.

  • Reportedly, the restorative powers of the body to maintain good health is considerably enhanced by consuming Colloidal Gold on a frequent basis.

  • Taking Colloidal Gold regularly is claimed by others to intensify emotional cleaning and stabilization of a person
Gold's Connection with God
  • ​​ Having a more resilient and stable response to stress-induced influences with improved performance levels has been attributed by others from taking Colloidal Gold.

  • Some folks have even claimed their focus and clarity improved and they were able to find solutions to problems more quickly after taking Colloidal Gold for a while.

  • There are even reports by a few individuals that their IQ's and overall Intelligence levels were increased after continually taking Colloidal Gold for a while.

  • Acute increases in awareness with enhanced mental and spiritual abilities were reported to occur from consuming Colloidal Gold on a frequent basis by several individuals.

  • Possible improvement in Blood circulation 

  • May improve digestion

  • May assist with Injury rapid recovery of injuries

Ours are 100% Natural, No chemicals or herbal natural catalysts are ever used!

Our products are Clear as water! Which means the absolute smallest particle size that is perfect for penetration and annihilation of nasty, creepy free radicals!

We Clearly state: NO Chemicals Used or Added!

Not made with Cyanides
Not made with Nitrates
Not made with Chlorides (salts)
Not made with Toluene
Not made with Nitric Acid
Not made with Hydrochloric Acid
Not made with Hydrogen Peroxides
Not made with Mercury Compounds
Not made with Bromides or Phosphates (Aka: Proteins or Silver Proteins)
Not made with *Chloroform (Embalming Fluid ) some companies with patents use this chemical.

Only Pure Gold Minerals and Distilled Water.

* Has been patented by Asian companies that make colloidal silver for resellers!
Which raises an important question: Where is your brand getting their colloidal Gold ?

Atomic Particle Products Do Not Have Limitations that Low PPM Products Have

Yes.....You Can Freeze them! With other Low PPM products, you cannot.
Yes..... You Can heat them! With other Low PPM products, you cannot.
Yes.......You can blend them with other juices, or drinks! You cannot do that with chemically made low PPM slime.
Yes .......You Can leave them in the Sun! We have gone past 6 Months with NO problem, not so with Low PPM goo.
Yes ...........You Can expose it to UVA / UVB Rays, and they will not spoil as do others products.